• The children of the rural community of Macedonia and surrounding eight small communities attended Macedonia Elementary School or Macedonia High School. The two schools shared a campus and its’ facilities. The students in kindergarten through sixth grades were in the elementary school and the students in the seventh through twelfth grades attended the high school. Ms. Spiers was the principal and Ms.Lee was the co-principal. In 1971-72 the Berkeley County Schools were integrated and Ms. Spiers and Ms. Ethel Davis served as co-principals until Ms. Spiers retirement. At that time Ms. Jimmie Lee was named the assistant principal to Ms. Davis. Upon the retirement of Ms. Lee, Ms. Linda Harrelson served as the assistant principal with Ms. Davis.
    In December of 1980 the elementary school moved into their new facility named H. E. Bonner Elementary. It was built further back on the same campus as the former elementary school. H. E. Bonner Elementary was named for Mr. Henry Bonner, a former superintendent of Berkeley County Schools, who was recognized for his tireless work and devotion to the schools and children in this area of the county.
    The campus design consisted of three color-coded classroom buildings (which included 24 classrooms), a cafeteria, and an administration building which included the media center. Each day ninety two percent of the 549 students traveled by bus from nine small communities located in a 30 mile radius.
    Upon the retirement of Ms. Davis, Ms. Linda Harrelson was named the principal. Three assistant principals served with her, Ms. Blakely, Ms. Newsome, and Mr. Rose. When Ms. Harrelson retired Mr. Melvin Rose made “history” as the first and only male administrator for Bonner Elementary.
    Under the administration of Mr. Melvin Rose, Bonner Elementary was renovated. The school had grown to 720 students and had added a four year old program in the 1980s. Mobile units were used as classrooms and bathrooms for the growing student population. It was in January of 2002 that construction was completed. The school construction combined the existing separate classroom pods into one completely enclosed structure with many additions. Students and teachers were able to move into the newly added kindergarten and first grade classrooms. Art, music, and computer labs were also included in the new additions. The cafeteria was updated and enlarged to accommodate the growing student population. A multi-purpose room was added with a stage for performances and designed to allow the P.E. teacher to have an area to house equipment and conduct classes.
    In August of 2007, Ms. Natalie Lockliear became principal upon the retirement of Melvin Rose. Ms. Lisa Johnson also became the assistant principal at that time.  Kelly Gabriel became the next assistant principal in 2012.  In October 2017, Ms. Ashley Osterkamp joined Bonner as the next assistant principal when Mrs. Gabriel was promoted to a principalship.  Mrs. Melissa Willis became principal in January 2018 and Bonner was also named a partial-magnet school of the arts for Berkeley County School District.