• Child Development 4 Year-old Kindergarten Learning Standards and Grading Policies

    The curriculum for 4 year-old students in the Child Development program is based on the Good Start, Grow Smart South Carolina Early Learning Standards.  These standards encompass several educational domains including Approaches to Learning, Social and Emotional Development, English Language Arts and Literacy, Mathematics, and Physical Education and Health.  Child Development Teachers assess students by collecting work samples throughout the year that demonstrate growth or mastery in specific concepts.  These work samples are saved in a portfolio as evidence of each child's proficiencies. Kindergarten, First Grade, and Second Grade Learning Standards and Grading Policies

    Report Card Ratings

    Teachers of kindergarten, first grade, and second grade students design their lessons around the NEW South Carolina Academic Learning Standards.  Report cards are issued four times during the year at the end of each 9 week's quarter, with the exception of kindergarten report cards that are issued twice during the year in January and June. Report cards reflect students' learning across several disciplines including English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, the Related Arts, and Personal and Social Development. Performance ratings on primary reports cards are assigned for each learning indicator as follows:


    Performance Rating Definitions:

    4 =  Consistently and independently demonstrates a thorough understanding of the standard(s).
    3 =  Frequently demonstrates an understanding of the standard(s).
    2 = Limited understanding of the standard(s).  Area of concern
    1 =  Does not demonstrate understanding of the standard(s).  Area of concern

     Report cards are issued in:

    Parents should sign and return all report cards to school. Please note that parents may request a conference with the teacher at any point in the school year. 


    Child Development 4 Year-old kindergarten students are administered the DIAL-3 Readiness test in the summer prior to the start of the school year.  This assessment measures developmental social and cognitive skills in young children. Parents will be contacted to schedule an appointment time for this assessment.  In addition, Child Development 4 year-old kindergarten students are given the PALS assessment to measure pre-reading skills.  This test is given during the school day in September, January, and May. 

    5 Year-old Kindergarten, 1st grade and 2nd grade students engage in a variety of assessments to measure learning progress including:

    DRA (Developmental Reading Assessment) - Measures emergent reading tasks such phonemic awareness, letter recognition, phonics and oral reading fluency. Teachers use this assessment to monitor the progress of students throughout the year (hence the term "progress monitoring") and the goal is for students to achieve a specific benchmark score as proof they are making learning gains as the year unfolds. 

    Co-gat Testing - A second grade assessment for gifted and talented aptitude.  Gifted and talented services begin for students in their 3rd grade year.