• Testing:

    End of Course Exams:  (EOC’s)

    All students taking the following classes will test: Algebra 1, Intermediate Algebra, Biology 1, US History, and English 1

    Test Window:  May 2 through June 1, 2018 for second semester courses.


    Date of EOC Exam

    Make-up Date for EOC

    English 1 TDA (Writing)

    Wednesday, May 2

    Wednesday, May 9

    US History (Seniors Only)

    Thursday, May 17

    Thursday, May 24

    Biology 1

    Tuesday, May 22

    Tuesday, May 29

    English 1 (Reading)

    Wednesday, May 23

    Wednesday, May 30

    US History

    Thursday, May 24

    Thursday, May 31

    Algebra 1 &

    Intermediate Algebra

    Friday, May 25

    Friday, June 1


    Schoolwide Testing:

    3rd year students will take either the ACT (administered on March 20th, 2018) or the SAT (administered on March 21, 2018).


    Students can register to take the SAT and ACT outside school.  More information is available HERE.