Our homework policy is as follows:
    Students should be able to complete homework within an hour.
    Parents will be notified on a weekly basis if homework is not completed. Any homework missed due to absences may be made up when the student returns to school. Projects and book 
    reports that have been previously assigned are due the first day the child returns to school. Parents are expected to sign the student agenda nightly.
    The following tips are offered to help with homework:
    Set up an organized place for your child to use daily to complete homework assignments. Establish a weekly schedule for completing homework assignments. Encourage your child to successfully complete homework assignments, but the overall assignment should be
    completed by the student. Contact the teacher if your child is unable to routinely complete homework assignments.
    Pupil progress in grades three through five for related arts and work habits are reported by letter grades ­ S, N, U. For the core academic subjects, numerical averages are reported as follows.
    A = 90 – 100
    B = 80 – 89
    C = 70 – 79
    D = 60 – 69
    F = Below 60 
    Grades are calculated using the following scale:
     Grading Chart
    Students in grades three through eight are expected to learn, at a minimum, the state English Language Arts (reading) and mathematics curriculum standards, as well as district defined curricula in science and social studies, as evidenced by the following criteria that must be met for promotion.
    1. The student has earned passing grades as the final yearly average in both English language arts (reading) and
    2. The student has earned a passing grade as the final yearly average in science or social studies. The student has met the attendance requirements of Berkeley County School District.
    Retention decisions may be appealed to the Chief Academic Officer within 10 calendar days of the receipt of the decision.