• Grading Policies 


    Grading Policies

    It is expected that all students attending J. K. Gourdin Elementary will commit to doing their best work. Uniform grading polices are listed below.


    Kindergarten, Grade One, Grade Two

    Pupil progress in kindergarten is reported on a checklist of kindergarten readiness skills, including mathematics and language development. Pupil progress in Grades One and Two is reported on a checklist including state standards in core curricular areas, related arts, and work habits/ social development. Report card formats in kindergarten, Grade One and Grade Two must be approved by the Berkeley County Board of Education.


    Grades 3-5

    Pupil progress in Grades 3-5 for related arts and work habits are reported by letter grades as follows:

    Numerical Average            Letter Grade

    90-100                                   A       Excellent

    80-89                                     B       Good

    70-79                                     C       Satisfactory

    60-69                                     D       Needs Improvement

    Below 60                                F        Unsatisfactory

    For the core academic subjects, numerical averages  are reported as follows: