The School Leadership is a collaborative effort whose primary purpose is to develop and implement both district and school-level initiatives in allignment with our school renewal plan. The primary areas that are discussed are: curriculum, data, school safety, communication, and school climate.  It is a committee compromised of the Principal, department heads, and associate staff members.

    SLT meetings are held the 3rd Tuesday of the month at 3:10 pm. and are held in our  school's Media Center. 

    The following are members of the Leadership team:


    Cheryl Brokaw, Chairman

    Rob Brown, Secretary

    Cecile Lewis, SPED

    David Holaday, Science

    Billie Walden, Math

    LeeAnne Coleman, ELA

    Christine Hoelle, French

    Christine Rasmussen, Social Studies

    School Pychologist


    Terry Kent, Librarian

    Tammra Mueller, 6th grade

    Jonathan Atkins, 7th grade

    Andrea Abdullah, 8th grade


Last Modified on November 12, 2015