• School Improvement Council

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    Each school in South Carolina has a School Improvement Council made up of teachers, parents, administration and community members that strive to make each school a better learning place for students.   
    South Carolina School Improvement Councils: 
    • Work with the school administration to develop and implement the Five-Year School Improvement Plan (sometimes called the School Renewal Plan).
    • Monitor and evaluate success in reaching the Plan's goals and objectives.
    • Write the Annual Report to the Parents about the progress of the plan.
    • Assist the principal in writing the narrative for the School Report Card.
    • Advise on the use of school incentive awards.
    • Provide other assistance as requested by the principal.
    For more information about Nexton Elementary's School Improvement Council, click the link below.

    Our SIC Board  

    SIC Officer elections will occur at our September 25th meeting.

    TBD--Vice President
     Our SIC teacher members this year will be Mrs. Jen Rogers and Mrs. Nichole Elliott.