• Cross Elementary School Administration
    Dr. Carolyn Myers-Gillens, Principal
    Dr. Gillens
    Welcome to Cross Elementary School! 
    Our goal is to assist you and your child in having a great school experience.  We have high standards for each and every child on our campus.  Our vision is to challenge and empower our students to be successful in a highly competitive world.  I know that you will find our staff warm, caring and responsive to your needs.  If we can assist you in any problems—small or large, please give us the opportunity to try. 
    I, along with the rest of the staff, look forward to working with you and your son/daughter.  It is our wish that each student has a successful and memorable year.
                                                                                   Dr. Scott       
     Dr. Angelia Scott, Assistant Principal
    Phone: 843-899-8916
     I am excited about another school year with an opportunity to continue to assist in maintaining our learning organization as the BEST PLACE TO BE. Cross Elementary's student academic growth exists because of a community of people who support positive, respectful relationships that is thoroughly exemplified throughout the school environment. CES ensures a guaranteed place to learn, commendable student performance, and the fostering of community connections. As an assistant principal, I look forward to a persistently purposeful year of maximizing student success and contributing to the professional development of our staff.