About our Program

  • Westview Middle School Counseling Vision Statement

    As caring and driven school counselors working in collaboration with teachers, parents, community members and administrators, we believe that all students can attain academic achievement, according to their own unique strengths and abilities. We will continuously work to lessen barriers to student success while also encouraging all students to strive for the achievement of academic Excellence. Through ongoing evaluation, we will monitor and adjust the school counseling program goals to target specific needs of changing student populations. The Westview Middle School Counseling program ultimately aims to advocate for, challenge and empower all students to be successful, productive citizens in a highly competitive world.

    The School Counselors Believe That:

    ¨ All students can and have a right to achieve according to their own personal strengths.

    ¨ All students deserve to have a school counselor advocating for them and their best interests.

    ¨ With the support of caring and driven teachers, parents, administrators and school counselors, all students can achieve academic Excellence.

    The Westview Middle School Counseling Program, When Fully Implemented Will:

    ¨ Support student development and success in academic, career, and personal/social domains.

    ¨ Work to lessen barriers to student learning and success.

    ¨ Encourage all students to perform at their highest potential.

    ¨ Teach all students how to utilize the academic success skills essential for achievement.

    ¨ Advocate for, challenge, and empower students to be successful in a highly competitive world.

    ¨ Collaborate with parents and community on improving achievement for all students.

    ¨ Reflect the American School Counselor Association (ASCA) National Model for Comprehensive School Counseling programs.

    ¨ Identify program goals based on school data and recommendations from the school counselors and the School Counseling Advisory Council members.

     All School Counselors Will:

    ¨ Plan and manage the comprehensive school counseling program.

    ¨ Assist with making sure the school environment is welcoming, positive, and safe for all students.

    ¨ Deliver classroom guidance curriculum, responsive services, individual student planning and all other program activities.

    ¨ Evaluate the effectiveness of school counseling program interventions by reviewing data and make necessary adjustments in order to meet evolving student needs.

    ¨ Abide by ethical and legal guidelines set forth by the ASCA National Model, professional mandates and state laws.

    ¨ Participate in professional development opportunities to enhance our knowledge of best practices.

Our Counselors

  • If you need to reach out to your child's grade level counselor please do so by contacting them via the information listed below.

    In the event of a mental health emergency, please access the following resources:

    Berkeley Community Mental Health Mobile Crisis: 843-761-8282

    Trident United Way Help Line: 2-1-1

    National Crisis Hotline: 1-800-273-8255

    Teen Crisis Line: 1-800-852-8336

    National Suicide Prevention Line: 1-800-784-2433