Media Center

    Media Specialist: Lori McCarthy

    Media Assistant:  Sandra Paige        

    Hours: Monday-Thursday 8:15am - 4:30pm; Friday 8:15am - 4:00pm

    ***On Late-In Days the Library will not open for students until 9:15am***

    The print collection consists of approximately 17,000 volumes. The media center has 55 networked computers, 30 of which are in a lab within the media center.

    The media center has scanners, a SmartBoard, TV's, overhead projectors, VCR's, DVD players, LCD  projectors, video cameras, digital cameras and a laminator.

    Media Center Policies
    The library media program at Berkeley High School offers to all students a collection of books, magazines, pamphlets, computer software, and materials for use in the preparation of class assignments, research work, and recreational reading. The atmosphere of the library is quiet, conducive to reading, research, and individual study.

    The magazine section is located near the Circulation Desk. A wide variety of magazines are available for students to read. Magazines cannot be checked out.

    There are digital cameras and camcorders that students can use in the library. A student cannot check them out.

    There is a computer lab in the library. Students are asked not to take food or drink in the lab.

    Students using the library media center during the school day must have a pass signed by their teacher to be admitted to the library during the school day.  Students will be expected to stay until the dismissal bell unless the pass states otherwise. Substitute teachers may not issue library passes to students. Abuse of pass privileges to the library media center will result in disciplinary action.

    Books from the regular collection are checked out for three weeks at a time. There is a late charge of ten cents for each school day that the book is late. Books can be renewed so that late charges are avoided. The student must bring the book into the library in order to renew it. Reference books can be checked out for overnight use only. These books can be renewed as well. The fine for an overdue reference book is ten cents for each school day that the book is late. Students cannot check out additional books if they have an overdue book out or if they owe a late fine. After a student has received two overdue notices, a STOP card will be issued and the student will be unable to receive his report card.  Students must have a library card to check out a book.

    Please report lost books promptly so that a search can be made for the retrieval. A reasonable amount of time will be allowed for locating materials. If the lost books are not found, arrangements can be made with the library staff for paying for the lost items. The replacement cost for a hardback book is $18. The cost for a paperback book is $8. A receipt will be given to the student when the book is paid for. If the student finds the book, his money will be refunded if he still has the receipt.

    A coin-operated copy machine is located in the library media center. Students can copy pages at the cost of ten cents per page. It is in black and white only.

    Students must return the Internet User Agreement Policy form. Both the parent and student must sign the form. The student will not be allowed to use the Internet for independent research unless this signed form is on file. Students can print information from the computer. There is a ten cents charge to print in black ink or a twenty-five cents charge to print in color. The computers in the library have the Microsoft Office software package on each one. There is also a scanner that students can use.