• Grading Policy 
    Kindergarten - 2nd Grade 
    The Primary Report Card uses a rubric approach with a 4, 3, 2, 1 scale. This approach allows teachers to communicate cumulative student progress at an identified point in time. Expectations for each academic area increase as the year progresses. This means that a child can receive a 3 during one marking period and then receive a 2 the next due to the rise in expectations each quarter and/or the change in skills taught. 

    4 Consistently and independently demonstrates a thorough understanding of the standard(s).
    3 Frequently demonstrates an understanding of the standard(s).
    2 Limited understanding of the standard(s). Area of concern
    1 Does not demonstrate understanding of the standard(s). Area of concern
    Kindergarten - 5th Grade Related Arts
    K-5 Related arts and work habits are reported by grades as follows:
    S+ Excellent
    S Good
    S- Satisfactory
    N Needs Improvement
    U Unsatisfactory
    3rd Grade - 5th Grade
    For the core academic subjects, numerical averages are reported as follows:
    Numerical Average Letter Grade
    90 - 100 A
    80 - 89 B
    70 - 79 C
    60 - 69 D
    Below 59  F