• Our office is open 7:00 AM to 3:00 PM. 

    Beth Dorman is our attendance officer.  She maintains all student records including attendance (absences and tardies), enrollment/withdrawls, and cumulative records.  She may be contacted at DormanE@bcsdschools.net or by phone 843-899-8990.

    Brandi Ard is our front office clerk.  She receives all phone calls into the school.  She handles general inquiries about the school, takes messages for teachers and students and manages visitors in the building.  She may be reached at ardb@bcsdschools.net or by phone 843-899-8880.

    Dayle Hatcher is our head secretary.  She handles Human Resources for the employees at WES and maintains staff and substitute records.  She may be reached at  HatcherDayle@bcsdschools.net or by phone 843-899-8880.

    Jackie Jackson is our bookkeeper. She maintains all financial records.  She may be reached at Jacksonja@bcsdschools.net or by phone 843-899-8880.

    Jodi Harkins is our front office clerk.  She assists in with cumulative records, handles yearbook, and Montessori.  She may be reached at Harkinsj@bcsdschools.net or by phone 843-899-8880.

Last Modified on February 11, 2020