• Cane Bay Elementary is proud to announce
    that our 2018 Teacher of the Year is
    Ms. Emily Doyle
     Emily Doyle  
    As I think of my classroom and my students, I am honored to play the role that I do. It amazes me to think I am helping to build a foundation that will last a lifetime. The foundation I help to build is not just academically, but socially as well. Teaching involves helping students gain understanding to use skills throughout all aspects of their lives. It warms my heart to know that when my students become astronauts, teachers, firefighters, or artists, I helped prepare them academically and socially in order to succeed.  It is an honor to teach students skills that last them a lifetime and a blessing to be surrounded by so many littles each year that have a major impact on my life.

    Previous Teachers of the Year

    2010 Mrs. Donna Harvey
    2011 Mrs. Meredith Davakos
    2012 Ms Jennifer Whitescarver
    2013 Mrs. Diana Clark
    2014 Mrs. Becky Hill
    2015 Ms. Amanda Caston
    2016 Mrs. Gina Sawicki
    2017 Mrs. Carrie Mundo-Nichols