• The school leadership team works together to analyze school performance data, identify school strengths and areas of concern, and make instructional decisions based on available data. This team works to ensure CBE is performing at its highest potential with the school and district's mission working as the driving force.

    2016-2017 School Leadership Team Members

    Melissa LaBerge               Principal

    Marissa Watson                Assistant Principal
    Christi Marvel                   Assistant Principal
    Jennifer Ballew                Psychologist

    Elizabeth Zorza                Math Instructional Coach

    Jaimelyn Knox                 ELA Instructional Coach

    Lorie Sturtevant              Teacher

    Moffett Priddy                 Kindergarten

    Donielle Huggins            First Grade Math

    Robin Griffin                    First Grade ELA

    Erin Schneider                Second Grade Math

    Becky Hill                        Second Grade ELA

    Delena Allen                   Third Grade Math

    Misty Williamson              Third Grade ELA

    Lisa Covey                       Fourth Grade Math

    Kelsey Burnett                  Fourth Grade GT
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