•       Bonner Elementary is a rural school located on the outskirts of Moncks Corner, South Carolina, and serves eight small communities located within a 30 mile radius. The majority of adults living in these communities attended Bonner Elementary and its feeder schools, as did their parents and grandparents (previously named Macedonia Elementary and Macedonia High School). There is a strong sense of community and many family connections within the Bonner Elementary school area. Along with this extended school history is an embedded sense of school pride and ownership. Our location in the middle of the Francis Marion National Forest makes us unique in the fact that we are not located close to any businesses. Our business partners are in the city of Moncks Corner, which is approximately nine miles away. The majority of people who live within the eight surrounding communities are employed outside of the school’s vicinity. Our school’s locale limits community participation during the school day.
          The school has a student population of approximately 775 students with 17.5% considered African-American, 80% Caucasian, and 2.5% other. The students classified in the other category have less than five students in each subgroup with most having one. The school has three students who are considered to have limited English proficiency and approximately 40 who have met the state identified classification of being gifted. The disadvantaged student population, those qualifying for the free or reduced meal program, is calculated as being 75%, which qualifies the school for a Title I designation.
          The staff is comprised of two administrators, a Title I Facilitator/Instructional Coach, one instructional coach, 1.5 guidance counselors, 0.4 school psychologist, 1 contract speech staff, one part-time physical and occupational therapist, 49 certified classroom teachers, 13 teacher assistants, one bookkeeper, one attendance clerk, two front office clerks, six custodial staff, and eight cafeteria staff.