• Goose Creek Elementary School feels that forming a partnership and communicating with parents is vital to our mission of educating our students and fostering opportunities for each student to build a legacy of success!

    Methods of Two-Way Communication

    • Email: Teacher email addresses can be found under Faculty & Staff on the navigation buttons on our website. Teachers check their email daily (usually before school, during their planning period, and after school.)
    • Telephone: The GCE phone number is 843-820-8008. You can leave a message for a teacher to contact you when he/she can. If it is a time-sensitive matter, you need to leave a message with the office staff. Teachers cannot accept phone calls during instruction. They can call after school or during planning periods. It is VITAL that the school has a current phone number or method of reaching you for emergencies.
    • Student Communication Folders: Student are issued a red communication folder upon enrollment. Teachers send these folders home regularly. They contain any work your child has recently completed and notes/ flyers from the teacher or school. Parents are encouraged to use this folder to send in notes to the teacher or any money to school.

    Other Methods of Communication

    • GCE School Newsletter: A school newsletter comes home monthly to keep parents informed on school happenings, student achievement, and reminders of important dates.
    • Classroom Newsletters: Classroom teachers write newsletters periodically to keep you informed about upcoming field trips, topics of study, and scheduled assessments. In addition, several teachers use mobile apps such as "Blooms" or "Remind" to keep parents informed. 
    • Alert Now: Ms. Sullivan sends Alert Now phone calls to Faculty, Staff, and Parents to inform everyone of upcoming important events or schedule changes. The phone calls are sent to the home phone number supplied by parents when they register their students.
    • GCE School Marquee: Our marquee alerts parents to upcoming events or holidays. It is located in front of our our school.