• Thank you for visiting!  We have two counselors at Goose Creek Primary:

    Amy Smith-Sklar, M.Ed., NCC, LPC
    Phone: (843) 820-8018
    Lacy Hoffman, M.Ed.                                                                  

    Phone: (843) 820-8008

    **GCP is a RAMP school: Recognized ASCA Model Program        


    Why Elementary School Counselors?

    Elementary school years set the tone for developing the knowledge, attitudes and skill necessary for children to become healthy, competent and confident learners. Through a comprehensive developmental school counseling program, counselors work as a team with the school staff, parents and the community to create a caring climate and atmosphere. By providing education, prevention, early identification and intervention, school counselors can help all children achieve academic success. 


    A comprehensive developmental School Counseling program is an essential component of the total instructional program, which provides all students the opportunity for optimum development. The School Counseling Program at Goose Creek Primary is based on the SC Comprehensive Developmental Guidance and Counseling Program Model and the American School Counselor Association (ASCA) National Model.  Please click on the names of these models in the previous sentence to access their respective web sites.


    Counseling Services

    Classroom Guidance
    Individual and Small Group Counseling

    All students receive classroom guidance twice a month.  The school guidance curriculum is comprehensive in scope, preventative and proactive, and developmental in design.  The guidance curriculum promotes knowledge, attitudes and skills through instruction in three content areas: academic achievement, career development, and personal/social growth.   Lessons include topics such as manners, listening skills, impulse control, conflict resolution, safety, friendship, career awareness and many other social and life skills.  

    Counseling is provided in a small group or on an individual basis for students expressing difficulties dealing with relationships, personal concerns or normal developmental tasks.  Students may self-refer for counseling.  Referrals may also be made by parents, teachers and other staff members.  Individual and small group counseling helps students identify problems, causes, alternative and possible consequences so they can take appropriate action.  Such counseling is normally short term in nature. School Counselors do not provide therapy.  When necessary, referrals are made to appropriate community resources. 


    Please click on these links to view the Four Components and Benefits of a Comprehensive Developmental Guidance and Counseling Program.