• Title I


    Boulder Bluff is a Title I school, which means we receive federal funds due to the percentage of students that receive subsidized meals (free/reduced lunch).Approximately 68% of our student population is currently receiving these services.Title I funds are used at the school level in many ways.  For example this year's Title I plan is helping to support following:

    • Classroom ELA and Math supplies
    • Technology -ink cartridges, computers, document cameras, SMART boards, digital cameras, Kindle applications and e-books
    • Site licenses for teacher and student use
    • Opportunity for remediation and enrichment for students in K-5th grades
    • Student Incentives
    • Supplies for our Parenting Room and Parenting events 
    • Supplies and Materials for Family Nights and Volunteer Orientation
    • Supplies for Title I Meetings/SIC
    • Supplies for Staff Professional Development Training
    • Computer Lab Instructor and 2nd grade class-size reduction teacher            

    Boulder Bluff has a Title I Planning Team / School Improvement Council that evaluates the ways in which funds are currently being spent and actively plans for the future. All parents and community members are encouraged to participate on this team by attending meetings or even just sharing your opinions and concerns. We want ALL parents to feel they have a voice and that their concerns are our concerns as well.

    The current Title I Plan can be accessed through the link below or by contacting the school’s Title I Curriculum Facilitator, Mrs. Samantha Blalock. The plan, as well as other important documents is available in the front office and the school’s Parenting Room.

    The Annual Title I Meeting will be held Thursday, October 20th. We encourage all parents to participate in our Title One Planning Team.  Meeting dates for the 2016-2017 school year are located on Title I Planning/SIC page of this site. Please be sure to look for DRAFTS of the Parent Involvement Policy and the Home-School Compacts.  We would love to have your thoughts and feedback in order to create the FINAL copies.  You may contact Samantha Blalock at 553-1223, ext. 2809 for more information.

    If you have any suggestions or concerns, please let us know by completing a Parent Feedback form.  You can find these forms and the Parent Feedback Box in the front office.  Someone from the administrative team will touch base with you within a week.