• All schools in the Berkeley County School District are fully accredited through the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) process. Recently, however, the district began the pursuit of an internationally-recognized mark of quality – AdvanED District Accreditation. This process for District Accreditation began in 2009 and was completed in November 2010. District Accreditation, as a quality assurance process, validates Berkeley County School District’s outstanding accomplishments and provides a systems approach to improving student performance results over time. District Accreditation applies the three components of accreditation – high standards, continuous improvement, and quality assurance – to the entire district to ensure alignment and support between and among the district and its schools. This process provides a comprehensive framework for continually improving student learning and district effectiveness. 

    The district conducted an internal review of the district and schools in terms of the AdvancED Standards. Through this review, the district and schools have examined how people, systems, and processes contribute to student performance and school/district effectiveness. Staff input as well as stakeholder input were valuable components of this internal review.

    The next step of the process, the external review, was conducted in November 2010 when the district hosted the AdvancED Quality Assurance Review Team. The district welcomed the comprehensive feedback received by this team in order to guide continuous improvement efforts in the Berkeley County School District. 

    The Berkeley County School District received AdvancED Accreditation on February 2, 2011.