• School Bus Conduct 

    The riding of a school bus by students is a privilege.  All school bus riders must cooperate fully with their school bus drivers and aides/monitors and must conduct themselves appropriately at all times.

    Our school bus drivers will report the name of any student whose conduct interferes with the safe driving, operation, loading, or unloading of the bus; who acts disruptively; or who violates our Student Behavior Code for riding the school bus.

    The administrative team at Daniel Island School will investigate reports made by the bus driver regarding incidents of student misconduct, and has the authority to deny school bus transportation to a student and to issue sanctions for conduct that is persistently or flagrantly detrimental to the safe and/or orderly operation of a school bus or in violation of our Student Behavior Code.


    Student Behavior Expectations

    All Daniel Island School students who ride a Berkeley County School District bus are expected to:

    • Get on and off the bus at your assigned stop only;
    • Refrain from eating and drinking while on the bus;
    • Sit properly while the bus is moving;
    • Adhere to all safety procedures;
    • Ride only your assigned bus, unless granted permission by DIS Administration;
    • Refrain from making loud noises, yelling, and the like;
    • Refrain from pushing, tripping, and engaging in general horseplay;
    • Refrain from encouraging other students to misbehave;
    • Respect the school bus itself; keep pens, pencils, markers, etc. put away;
    • Dispose of litter properly;
    • Refrain from possessing and/or using any tobacco product or other illegal substance on the bus;
    • Refrain from throwing or tossing any object outside of the bus, inside of the bus, or at the bus;
    • Sit in assigned seats daily;
    • Use appropriate language for a school student;
    • Keep all extremities out of the bus windows and/or doors;
    • Use respectful behavior toward the bus driver and other passengers;
    • Obey the directions of the bus drier or the aide/monitor;
    • Respect personal space of all students (harassing, threatening, intimidating, or physically abusing or hitting another student will NOT be tolerated.)

    Repeated offenses will result in increasingly more severe penalties.  Serious misconduct may result in other disciplinary action without regard to number of offenses up to and including suspension or expulsion from school, in accordance with Berkeley County School District Board policy.

    For the complete School Bus Conduct code, please see the BCSD Student Handbook Policy JCDAD:  School Bus Conduct.