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    If your child has a medical condition, any allergies, or asthma and needs medication at school, please see the school nurse, Ashley Cohen.  Paperwork needs to be completed before any medication can be kept at school and administered. This paperwork can be obtained directly from the school nurse or you can go print out the PDFs below.


    ALL medication must be picked up by May 27th at noon or it will be discarded. Each school year new paperwork must be completed.


    Please let the nurse know if there are any changes in medical status/condition for your child throughout the school year.


    ALL students entering 7th grade must have received 1 dose of Tdap vaccine before starting 7th grade.  The immunization certificate must be provided to the school before school starts.


    A few reminders about medication and illnesses: 

    • All medication given at school must be brought in by a parent with a completed medical form.
    • All medication must be in its original bottle.
    • If your child is running a fever or throwing up, please keep them at home.
    • Cough drops are considered medication & students cannot carry them in their pockets.
    Doctors Medication Order
    Click the link below to download the order form. 
    Over the Counter Medication Form
    Click the link below to download the medication form.