• 7:25  Doors Open         7:45  Class Begins         2:45  Dismissal         10:55  ½-day dismissal
    Arrival Procedure
    All car riders (K-8) should be dropped off in the front of the school. Adults will be present to assist with traffic flow and unloading of cars in both lanes. Car doors should remain closed in the outside lane until a staff member opens the door signifying a safe zone of unloading. The Faculty A and B lots should never be used as a drop-off point. Please do not remove the chains used in these lots. The back drive is used for buses only.
    Bus students will enter the back of the building. 
    Bike /skateboard riders:  The school cannot assume any responsibility for bicycles or skateboards. Bikes, skateboards, scooters etc. are not allowed inside the school. Bikes are expected to be in the bike racks provided.  Theft and damage are the sole responsibility of the owner.  However, if this occurs, please contact our School Resource Officer. It is suggested that your child locks his/her bike. Parents should review basic safety rules with their child before and during the school year. 
    Safety Tips:
    • Look and listen for traffic. Also, look for things that could make you fall, like potholes and storm grates.
    • Never use a cell phone or wear headphones.
    • Watch for vehicles going in and out of driveways.
    • Keep both hands on the handlebars, except when signaling.
    • Stop before crossing the street, entering a road, or turning. Look left, right, left, and behind you for traffic, including pedestrians, bicycles and cars.
    • Walk bikes/skateboards across the crosswalks. 
    Safety Tips
      • Walk with a friend when possible.
      • Ask your parents to help you pick a safe route to school.
      • Stick to the route you picked with your parents.
      • When you are near the street, don’t push, shove, or chase each other.
      • Never take rides from people not arranged by your parents.
      • Look for traffic
      • Cross the street safely
        • Stop at the curb or edge of the street.
        • Look left, right, left and behind you and in front of you for traffic.
        • Wait until no traffic is coming and begin crossing. And keep looking for traffic.
        • Walk, don’t run across the street.
        • Make eye contact with the driver of a stopped car while crossing in front of it.
      • Obey traffic signs, signals, and school crossing guards!
    Only students are allowed to enter through A and B hallway doors. Parents/adults must check in at the office to enter the hallways. 
    Tardy Procedure
    Should your student need to arrive late to school, a parent must accompany the student to the main office and sign him or her into school for the day (even our eighth graders).  The student will be given a pass required for admittance into the classroom.  Tardies resulting from late buses will not be recorded on the student’s record.
    Dismissal Procedure
    The office will not interrupt classes to deliver transportation messages to your child. For the safety of your child, please make sure your child knows how he or she will get home in the afternoon before he or she leaves for school in the morning. School will be dismissed beginning at 2:45 pm.
    Walkers and Bike Riders are encouraged to move safely and quickly off the property while car traffic is stopped. Parents are encouraged to ‘get and go’ so that they exit property before the cars begin to move. Walkers and bike riders are to cross at the crosswalk supervised by the crossing guard. Parents are asked to serve as appropriate role models and cross with their children at the crosswalk only. Parents who park and walk to retrieve their child are encouraged, upon returning to their car, to wait for walkers and bikers to clear the area. In addition, do not park close to corners; it causes low visibility for those crossing intersections.
    Car riders wait inside the building and are loaded into cars by teachers. Car tags are used to match up cars and riders.  Cars remain stationary until walkers and bikers are off of school property.  Students who are car riders will not be dismissed to parents who walk up to the front doors of the school during car dismissal.
    Parents, please discuss personal safety with your students. We will provide some crossing guards but cannot be responsible for areas that are not on school grounds. Please communicate the importance of adhering to your family’s safety plan for arriving and departing school each day.