• DIS Dress Code 

    In order to provide an atmosphere that is conducive to learning, instill discipline and avoid safety hazards, please adhere to the following guidelines:

    1. Walking shorts are appropriate for school. No short shorts, mini skirts/dresses are acceptable. For grades 3-8, the length of these items must be no shorter that the student’s fingertips when arms are at the student’s side (mid-thigh).

    2. No sunglasses may be worn in the building, with the exception of RX sunglasses.

    3. No hats, head stockings, or handkerchiefs are permitted to be worn in the building. (If there is a medical reason for a student to wear one of the above listed, a letter from a physician will need to be provided to the principal.)

    4. No tank tops, halter tops, fish-net shirts, cut-off shirts, or bare midriffs are permitted . Blouses and shirts must touch the waistband when standing or sitting. There should be appropriate coverage at the neckline.

    5. No gloves, house slippers, or pajama pants may be worn in the building, except for identified special celebrations.

    6. Suspenders are to be hooked and to be on shoulders in the proper location.

    7. Pants must be worn at an appropriate waist level (no saggy pants) and may not be made of any see-through material.

    8. Belts must be worn at an appropriate level and buckled and tucked in loops.

    9. No clothing with vulgar or obscene symbols, language or wording is permitted. No clothing with advertisements for, or messages or pictures depicting or suggesting alcohol, tobacco, drugs, or sex is permitted.

    10. Shoes are to be worn at all times. If the shoes have wheels, the wheels must be removed while in school. Tennis type shoes must be worn in PE.

    11. Clothing must cover the student’s undergarments at all times; when the student is standing, sitting, or bending. Clothing should be the appropriate size to fit the student.

    12. Due to the frequency of respiratory illnesses, students should not wear nor bring perfume or cologne to school.

    Students who are inappropriately dressed will be provided suitable clothing for school.