• Math Resources

    Problem Solving Strategies
    • CUBES 
    - Circle the Numbers
    U - Underline the Question
    B - Box in Key Words
    E - Write an Equation
    S - Solve the Problem

    *Draw a picture and answer the question.
    • Sumdog

      On Sumdog, students can play games to practice and enrich their mathematical understanding.

    • TenMarks

      TenMarks is an online program that enables students to practice and master math concepts - one topic at a time. Students can work on direction from the teacher, or choose to practice on their own, anytime. While they are practicing, TenMarks helps them with hints on every problem if they get stuck, and gives them short video tutorials to view if they need an explanation - really helping them grasp the concept they are working on. Please contact your child’s teacher to request access.

    • XTRAMath

      This is a FREE online fact fluency program. Each session takes a total of 10 minutes and is broken into several 2 minute challenges. The challenge is for students to master basic addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division facts in less than 3 seconds.  Students are given a placement test and, based upon results, an individualized program is built. Students in grades 1-5 all have individual accounts.