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     MNE School Counselor Ann Schuler

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    Marrington Elementary School Counseling Mission Statement

    The mission of Marrington Elementary School’s counseling program is to utilize the arts and innovative teaching strategies to create a positive and caring learning environment which will empower every student to becomeMNE School Counselor Ann Schuler a life-long learner, leader, and productive citizen. 

    Marrington Elementary School Counseling Vision Statement

    Counseling Services at Marrington Elementary School are centered on programs that encourage the highest level of achievement through student growth in personal/social, academic, and career competencies. As advocates for all students, the school counselor partners with other educators, parents, and community members to create a safe and caring environment in which all students in are empowered with the knowledge and skills to contribute as productive members of society.


    Professional school counselors are advocates, leaders, collaborators and consultants who create opportunities for equity in access and success in educational opportunities by connecting the guidance program to the mission of Marrington School.

    The comprehensive developmental guidance and counseling program at Marrington Elementary School is an essential component of the total instructional program, which provides all students the opportunity for optimum development.

    The guidance program at Marrington Elementary School includes structured experiences presented systematically through classroom and group activities. The curriculum emphasizes choice making, self-understanding, career exploration and preparation, and the improvement of study skills.

    Individual counseling assists the students to plan, monitor, and manage their own academic achievement as well as their personal and career development.

    Consultation with parents, teachers, and other professionals, is one of my duties.

    The Profession School Counselor's Responsibility to Students

    The professional school counselor:  
    a. Has a primary obligation to the student, who is to be treated with respect as a unique individual.

    b. Is concerned with the educational, academic, career, personal and social needs and encourages the maximum development of every student.

    c. Respects the student’s values and beliefs and does not impose the counselor’s personal values.

    d. Is knowledgeable of laws, regulations and policies relating to students and strives to protect and inform students regarding their rights.


    The professional school counselor:

    Keeps information confidential unless disclosure is required to prevent clear and imminent danger to the student or others or when legal requirements demand that confidential information be revealed.

    Recognizes his/her primary obligation for confidentiality is to the student but balances that obligation with an understanding of the legal and inherent rights of parents/guardians to be the guiding voice in their children’s lives.

    Classroom guidance begins the first week of school. I introduce myselof  to the students and tell them what a school counselor does the services that I offer.

    There are three main types of counseling that we do at Marrington Elementary School based on need: individual counseling, small group counseling, and classroom guidance.

    At Marrington Elementary School, the school counselor's time is spent in the following manner 

    which is consistent with the four parts in the Delivery System of the American School Counseling Association National  Model for a Comprehensive School Counseling Program.


    Guidance Curriculum:  35-45 % of the day.

    This is the Classroom Guidance portion of our day.  I see every class grades K-5 on a weekly basis. I do units on such topics such as Study Skills, Manners, Conflict Management and Careers.  Each of my lessons is original, contains originals songs and puppet dialogues, is correlated with national standards, and is designed to achieve the goal of higher student learning and increased personal/social development. We tell our students that my job is to “guide” them to be successful in school, grow up and get a good job and be happy in their life.


    Responsive Service:  30-40% of the day

    This is the “reactive” part of the day.  I meet with individual students or small groups of children to help them “fix” their problems.  Some of the issues addressed would be academic concerns, relationship/friend concerns, and grief, loss and family issues. I, along with the teachers am mandated to report abuse cases.  I am involved in facilitating the child’s recovery and adjustment.  I hold conferences with teachers and parents to facilitate their children’s academic and personal/social development.


    System Support:  10-15% of the day

    This component deals with all the school wide programs that support the guidance program, the school and the individual students.  Examples of this would be working with PTO, school improvement planning, conducting counseling research, coordinating Red Ribbon Week, Character Education programs, writing newsletters, working with administration, groups of parents and the community.


    Individual Planning:  5-10% of the day.

    Individual planning entails collaborating with the student’s parent and teacher to facilitate the achievement of the student’s academic, personal/social and career goals.  This may involve creating an academic or personal intervention plan or collaborating with a team to create a 504 plan.


    Email:  schuler@bcsdschools.net

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