• Stratford Athletics


    The Stratford Athletic Department consists of 13 different sports providing opportunities for students to participate in both individual as well as team sports. Every student athlete, regardless of ability, has something valuable to contribute to the team.

    The following is a list of coaches and sports offered at Stratford.


    John Chalus – Athletic Director

    Michael Ryan – Head Trainer

    Head Baseball Coach – Brandon Beckman

    Head JV Baseball Coach – Blake Roland 

    Head Boys Basketball Coach – Michael Jenkins

    Head Boys JV Basketball Coach – Jayson Leverett

    Head Girls Basketball Coach – Kelly McNeil

    Head Girls JV Basketball Coach – Camille Tolliver

    Head Cheer Coach – Debra Maningding

    Head Cross Country Coach – Shane Sutherland

    Head Football Coach – Joe Marion

    Head JV Football Coach – Brice Laughter

    Head B-Team Football Coach – Willis Nearhood 

    Head Boys Golf Coach – Jimmy Cate

     Head Girls Golf Coach - Jimmy Cate


    Head Boys Soccer Coach –

    Head Girls Soccer Coach –

    Head Softball Coach – Ashton Revan

    Head JV Softball Coach – Kelsey Haynes

    Head Swim Coach – Andy McBride

    Head Boys Tennis – Walt Moorer

    Head Girls Tennis – Daniel Ellis

    Head Boys Track Coach – Shane Sutherland

    Head Girls Track Coach – Matt Dieterich

    Head Volleyball Coach – Aaron Tuuk

    Head JV Volleyball Coach – Carolynn Milam

    Head Wrestling Coach – Willis Nearhood

     Head JV Wrestling Coach - Kevin Bayer