• Welcome to St. Stephen Middle School!

    Our Theme:

    Linking rigor, relevance & relationship, connecting the pieces for student success: parents, students, teachers, and community!


    Our Mission:

    The mission of St. Stephen Middle School is to equip students each day with the necessary skills to meet the demands of a changing society and to help produce responsible, contributing citizens.


    Our Beliefs:

    We believe that:

             * the primary objective of the school is to enable students to become independent, confident, and self-disciplined.

             *curriculum and instructional practices should incorporate a variety of learning activities to accommodate the visual, tactile, kinesthetic, and 

               auditory learners.

             *students and staff have the right to be treated with respect and to not have their rights infringed upon by others.

             *administrators, faculty, staff, students, parents, and the community share the responsibility for advancing the school's mission and

               and to have an interest in the success of the students and the school.

             *students need to demonstrate their understanding of essential knowledge, skills and problem-solving and to be collectively responsible for                  producing quality work.

             *a physically safe and psychologically stimulating environment encourages and motivates students to achieve high levels of success.


    In keeping with our theme, "Linking Rigor, Relevance, and Relationship: Connecting the Pieces for Student Success, "we encourage all stakeholders--Parents, Teachers, Students, and Community--to work collaboratively to make St. Stephen Middle School a success!



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