Welcome to Sangaree Middle School-Where Eagles Soar!

  • Welcome to Sangaree Middle School!  Home of the Soaring Eagles.  We believe in our school motto:

    I will SOAR today.  I will be:




    Respectful & responsible

    for my academics, my behavior and my future.  I will SOAR!

     At Sangaree Middle School we have worked diligently on building a long-lasting positive school climate.  We have implemented various problems with fidelity that we believe is making a difference within our school.  Our school campaign focuses on "Be the Nice Kid".  This year we have incorporated a Unified PE course for students that provides inclusive practices for our most significant challenged students.  This program has served both to support the special education students and general education popluation in developing leadership skills.  We have integrated clubs within our school day and one of our clubs focuses on finding ways for our school family to "Be the Nice Kid". 

    When you enter our main hallway, you will see a student created bulletin board with random acts of kindess ideas.  Many students choose from this board daily.  Students in this club also put up motivational messages around the school-just to remind students and staff to be kind in both words and in actions.  Following our "Be the Nice Kid" campaign, we have also implemented Jostens Renaissance program to recognize students doing the right thing, making good choices and making good grades.  We understand that not all students will make A's or B's but ALL students can make the choice to be helpful, kind and understanding.  Lastly, one of our teachers utilize "Project Wisdom" each morning to provide everyone with an inspirational announcement.  This helps set the stage for making good decisions each day by challenging students to "make it a great day or not...the choice is yours".