Hello, my name is Tammy Thompson and I would like to welcome you (students and parents) to the Health Science Technology program at Goose Creek High School. Health Science Technology is a wonderful program that is dedicated to nurturing students through classroom and clinical (hands-on) activities. The program focuses on healthcare careers, knowledge and skills. However, Health Science Technology teaches students skills that can be used in any career setting. For example, students will learn about effective communication concepts along with basic computer skills. Students who progress through the program may receive the opportunity to participate in job-shadowing activities, off-campus clinicals and internships.

         My dedication to and enthusiasm for health science technology began at an early age. I have always known I wanted to be a nurse. Therefore, in high school, I became a hospital volunteer (candy striper) and a member of the Medical Explorers club at Lexington Medical Center. Through extended activities, I learned about the different careers/roles of healthcare professionals. Later, I studied nursing at Clemson University and earned the Bachelor of Science in nursing degree (BSN). In 2014, I earned the Master of Science degree (MSN) in nursing education from Walden University. In May (2019), I began studies leading towards a doctorate degree in Healthcare Education & Leadership. I have a wide variety of clinical experiences  that include high-risk maternity, mother/baby, medical/surgical, gerontology, and public health. In addition, I worked as a healthcare coordinator and nurse administrator for the developmentally disabled population and nurse educator (Piedmont Technical College). I have been married for almost 25 years and we have a 21-year old son and a 16-year old son. Thus, I understand the importance of parental involvement in education to ensure student success.

         I am dedicated to the success of your child and the Health Science Technology program. I believe that education is a partnership that includes three main components: the student, the parent (s) and the educator/school.  We all must actively participate in the education process through regular communication, classroom participation and classroom preparedness. I will send grade reports with students, which show their current grades, any missing assignments/tests and comments. I will include my contact information at the end of this letter and in the syllabus so that you can reach me by email, phone and/or face-to-face conference.

    Please feel free to contact me. If you have internet access, email will be a quicker way to get a response because I may not be available for phone calls unless it is during my planning period, before or after school. In addition, Power School/Parent Portal is a great tool to check your child’s attendance and grades. My contact information:

    Tammy Thompson, RN, BSN,  MSN (Health Science Technology I/II/III/IV)

    Email: thompsont@bcsdschools.net

    Phone Number:  843-553-5300 Ext. 1903

    Room: 903