• Welcome to Eighth grade Social Studies

    GOAL: To aid and direct students in becoming better-informed citizens regarding our state’s history.
    COURSE DESCRIPTION: The focus for social studies in grade eight is the history of South Carolina and the role that the state and its people have played in the development of the United States as a nation. Students learn about the state’s development during colonial times and the growth of the American idea, which led to the break from England, the rising controversy about slavery and the Civil War. Additionally, students will study the rebuilding of South Carolina after the Civil War and the continuing struggle for civil rights and justice waged by the people of South Carolina. The study of these topics, allows students to see the progress that our state has made and to appreciate the contributions that its people have made to the nation as a whole. 

    * The South Carolina Journey (textbook)

    * South Carolina: Great Stories that Embrace the History of the Palmetto State (supplemental)


    * School Wire Website: bcsdschools.net/Domain/2644

    * Google Classroom (see teacher for code)

    * Remind101 (see teacher for instructions)

    * Study Stacks (www.studystacks.com)

    * Parent Portal (password obtained from front office)


    REQUIRED MATERIALS:                                      GRADING:

    * Notebook: (three-ring binder)                           Homework:      10%

    * Loose-leaf paper                                              Quizzes:           20%

    * Four tab-style dividers                                      Class work:      30%

    * Pencils and pens (black or blue ink only)            Tests/projects:  40%

    * Colored pencils or washable markers

    * Sticky Notes (3”x 3” or larger)



    * Class notes and daily class activities will be checked and/or graded for completion and/or accuracy.

    * Homework will be assigned randomly per nine weeks. These assignments will be checked and/or graded for completion and/or accuracy.

    * A quiz will be given after each ten Etc. questions (daily warm-up activity).

    * Quizzes will be given after selected sections or on vocabulary in a chapter.

    * A test will be given after each chapter or unit.

    * A project, relating to the chapter or unit, may be assigned every nine weeks (a rubric for scoring will accompany the assignment).

    * Late projects will lose 5 pts (per day).

    * All written assignments will adhere to the written criteria found in the Westview Student/Parent Handbook.


    Note: Students have 5 days to make up any missed work while absent. It is the students' responsibility to schedule a time before or after school to make up missed assessments. Failure to do so will result in a zero.