• Accomplishments


    2014 National Blue Ribbon School  

    Palmetto Gold and Silver Awards

    Math Stars Program    

    School Wide Reading Program

    Reading Intervention

    ESOL teachers/Spanish Interpreters 

    PTA Mini Grants for teachers 

    Lunch Buddy Mentoring Program

  •  Grading

    HES teachers use many resources to determine the progress of our students. Daily work offers a glimpse into how each student is processing and understanding instruction. Homework is given to offer practice for students on new learning and as a means to review old learning. Student work in various computer programs such as Essential Skills, Compass Learning, Success Maker,  Renaissance Learning (AR), Star Reading, Star Math, Larson's Intermediate Math, and educational websites offer students an opportunity to learn and practice. Types of formal assessment include weekly quizzes, end of unit testing, AIMS Web testing, DRA testing, skill checklists, and the use of rubrics.

    Parents and students in Kindergarten receive report cards in January and at the end of the year. Third and fourth grade students receive progress reports midway through each Nine Week Period and report cards at the end of the Nine Weeks.

    Sample grading scale for Kindergarten, First, and Second grades are available below. Third and Fourth grade report cards are computerized. They list teachers, subjects, and numeric grades for the year.


    Berkeley County Grading Scale

    Kindergarten - 2nd Grade 
    The Primary Report Card uses a rubric approach with a 4, 3, 2, 1 scale. This approach allows teachers to communicate cumulative student progress at an identified point in time. Expectations for each academic area increase as the year progresses. This means that a child can receive a 3 during one marking period and then receive a 2 the next due to the rise in expectations each quarter and/or the change in skills taught. 

    4 Consistently and independently demonstrates a thorough understanding of the standard(s).
    3 Frequently demonstrates an understanding of the standard(s).
    2 Limited understanding of the standard(s). Area of concern
    1 Does not demonstrate understanding of the standard(s). Area of concern


    3rd and 4th Grade 

    Grade Scale



    Special Area


    90 - 100



    S +



    80 - 89






    70 - 79



    S -



    60 - 69




    Needs Improvement


    Below 60