• Please refer to the Math Google Classroom to see assignments,
    upcoming assessments, and due dates.

    Google Classroom Code for Block 1 Math:  htegsaq  

    Prodigy Class Code Block 1: E6024BE


    Google Classroom Code for Block 2 Math:  gtqblif    

    Prodigy Class Code Block 2: 955EA99


    Google Classroom Code for Block 3 Math:  ob37mw4

    Prodigy Class Code Block 3: 2F66643


    Google Classroom Code for Block 4 Math:  axstadx

    Prodigy Class Code Block 4:  BBBF10B



    6th Grade General Information Google Classroom Code:  psgcwkf

    MMSOA 6th Grade Guidance Google Classroom Code:  yyahthj

    MMSOA Media Center (Library) Google Classroom Code:  4rj6ugb


    Email address:  fiskc@bcsdschools.net

    If Chromebook is not running properly, try this first:

    1)  Do a Hard Shut Down by holding POWER button down until the screen goes black. Wait for 2 minutes, then re-log in the CB.

    2)  Clear cache, history, and cookies by clicking on 3 vertical dots on far right corner of Google Screen, then click More Tools, and then Clear Browsing Data (for all time and make sure all boxes are checked)

    Student Help Desk for eLearning Days (video)


    Chromebook Troubleshooting (Google Doc)


    If you are attempting to use a NON-DISTRICT OWNED electronic device and need to access CLASSLINK, remember to switch out from your personal google account (click on the circular icon next to the top 3 vertical dots in top right corner of a Google Page, switch accout and log into your browser with your bcsdschools.net account).  To access CLASSLINK, click here.  https://launchpad.classlink.com/bcsds


    IMPORTANT INFORMATION to help you and your child:
    Please scroll below and click on the link to access the BCSD webpage that to download the PDF file that instructs and informs how your student can download and access Microsoft Student Advantage Office 365 ProPlus for FREE!  Tech department states to use 3 zeros before your 5-digit password.

    Students are not to arrive at school before 7:30 AM.  

    Students are tardy after 8:00 AM


    This year there are several new attendance policies being handed down from the South Carolina Department of Education and the State Department in order to track chronic absenteeism. Starting the 2017-2018 school year, all middle schools must take attendance in every class period. According to the Office of Civil Rights (OCR) and per the Department of Education, an absent student is one who misses 50% of the instructional day for any reason, regardless of whether the absence is excused or unexcused. Students will be marked tardy to a class if they miss at least 50% of a class. If you know ahead of time that your child will be missing school for any reason, you must contact M. Patterson in the front office before the absence occurs so it can be presented to Ms. Thornley for Principal approval. If you have any questions regarding the attendance policies, please contact Ginger Patterson at the school (843)572-0313 or you can email her at pattersong@bcsdschools.net.


    Make-Up Work

    WHEN YOU MAKE UP ONLINE WORK missed due to an absent, YOU WILL NEED TO EMAIL ME to let me know that you made up the assignment as well as tell me the title of the assignment you have made up.  Remember, all make-up work includes assigned classwork and homework, needs to be completed within 5 days, per BCSD Policy, from the student's return date to class.

    Dismissal is at 3:00 PM

    PLEASE - e-mail me if you find errors on this Web Page so they can be corrected ASAP!

    Before visiting the classroom, please drop by the front office for a Visitor's Pass.

    Parent Portal App for Droids and I-phones and tablets and I-Pads:   Parent Portal App for electronic devices
    Access instructions and Information about Microsoft Student Advantage 365 ProPlus:  Microsoft Student Advantage