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    What is the goal CDEP??  
    The goal of the Child Development Education Program (CDEP) is to provide children and their families with quality preschool experiences necessary for school success. Each program shall endeavor to:
    -Provide a healthy, safe and nurturing environment.
    -Provide an environment that encourages emotional, social, physical and intellectual development.
    -Encourage the development of a positive self image
    -Make learning fun so that children will develop a desire to be lifelong learners.
    -Encourage language development, creativity and an appreciateion of fine arts and music
    -Encourage children to interact successfully with other children and adults and to live and work together in a cooperative environment which promotes decision making, peaceful resolution of conflicts and respect for others.  
    -Form a cooperative partnership with parents so we can work together to meet the needs of each child and ensure his or her success
    -To prepare your child for Kindergarten next year.