• Elaine Phillips
    I have taught in Special Education for my entire teaching career. The first eight years of my teaching career was with emotionally disturbed students in the public school setting, psychiatric setting, and high management group home.  I now teach moderate/severe mentally disabled beginning at Timberland High School for nine years, Goose Creek High School for five years and now at Hanahan High School. I am National Board Certified in Special Education since 2008.

    The students work on:

    Pre-academic/readiness skills-money, time, counting, simple addition/subtraction, reading, comprehension, applications.

    Daily-living skills-personal hygiene, cooking, cleaning, laundry.

    Transition/vocational skills-work base sites, work boxes, applications, custodial tasks.

    Leisure/social skills-community base outings, games, social stories, arts/crafts.

    Students receive progress reports based upon their IEPs.
    Grading weights are 100%  for participation. School report cards are based upon participation.
    Contact information:
    Hours available 7:30-4:00