• Mrs. Hoover

    Dear Parents/Guardians,

    This semester will be an exciting adventure for your student! I am looking forward to working with your child to make this year a productive learning experience. Please read through this information to understand the course description, requirements, and grading system. Review this information with your child to help him or her adhere to the guidelines for success in Biology.

    Gingham B. Hoover
    Contact Information:
    phone: 843-820-3710 ext. 2009

    Hours Available for help:
    Monday- Friday                      8:15am-8:45 am and 3:35pm-4:15pm
    Tuesday-Friday                      2nd lunch
     Course Description
    Biology is a laboratory based course that involves the scientific study of living organisms.  The course will continue through the progression as outlined by state standards.
    Course Overview
    Lab Equipment and Safety
    Scientific Method and Taxonomy
    Organic Chemistry / Macromolecules
    Cell Energy / Photosynthesis and Cellular Respiration
    Cell Structure and Function
    Biological Evolution
    Ecosystem Dynamics

    Grading Procedures


    All major grades are averaged to produce a quarterly (9 weeks) average.


    Major Grades Include:

    Tests and Projects  40%
    Quizzes  20%
    Lab work     20%
    Homework and Daily Work  20%



    Description of types of Major Grades

    Test and Project Grades.  Tests will be announced at least three to four days before they are administered.  There will usually be three or four major tests given in any quarter.  All projects are graded as major.
    Quizzes. Quizzes may be announced or unannounced and are designed to ensure promptness in homework assignments and good study habits.  For example:  I may give a quiz on your notes in order to ensure good note taking skills.
    Lab Work. Your lab grade will include lab clean-up and laboratory write-ups (preferably in pencil).  A detailed description of your laboratory format will be provided and discussed during class.
    Daily Work/Homework. Daily work includes bell-work, classwork, homework, notebook checks, handouts and participation. 
    Class Rules: For us to have a successful year together in science class, you should know what I expect of you and what you can expect of me. These are general rules that can be applied to any situation.

    1. Show respect for your classmates, teacher, and our room.

    2. Be prepared and ready to learn each day at the start of class
    3. Practice safe classroom and lab behavior
    4. Follow all other school rules and policies.
    Consequences: In the event that you choose not to follow one of the classroom rules, one or more of the following will result depending on the infraction:

    1. Verbal reminder. I will say something to you concerning your misbehavior.

    2.  Parental Involvement. I will phone or e-mail your parent(s).

    3.  Detention

    4.  Parent Conference/ Counselor Involvement/ Referral.