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    Please allow me to introduce myself as Craig Bachman, the college preparatory, honors & AP chemistry teacher at Hanahan High School.  I graduated from the University of Pittsburgh with a bachelor's degree in chemistry, and since I started teaching shortly thereafter in 1995, I have earned National Board Certification, certification to teach Advanced Placement Chemistry & Physics, and my Master’s degree in Environmental Studies.  My nineteen years of teaching experience have been broad, including time in rural, suburban, and inner-city schools; I have even taught at a private, bilingual, Christian school outside of the US along with teaching part-time at the College of Charleston.

    MR.  BACHMAN room 7      Help Available: daily after school until 4:00 PM

    CHEMISTRY          (school) 820-3710x2007

    (cell) 514-1796 


    ·         Textbook, school-issued planner with periodic table and helpful conversions

    ·         1” or 1 ½” 3-ringed binder with lined paper and 5 section dividers (for chemistry class only)

    a) bellwork/notes  b) vocabulary  c) handouts/study guides  d) quizzes, labs & bookwork  e) old chapters

    ·         pencils/pens, highlighter and a scientific calculator



                The study of chemistry is designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills to understand the structure, composition, properties and interactions of atoms and the compounds they form.  Students will study concepts, apply them in order to solve problems, and witness the same concepts through laboratory experiences and classroom demonstrations.  The general topics and sequence include:


                review calculations, density, lab procedures                          

                atomic structure & history                                                                             

                electrons in atoms & the periodic table + lab safety                                                  

                ionic & molecular compounds, formulas, names & shapes                                                                

                chemical equations & reactions                                                                      

                the mole and stoichiometry                                                                            

                gas properties and laws

                solutions & colligative properties                                                                   



                Each grading period, students will have the opportunity to acquire 400-600 points in each of two categories---daily grades (select quizzes, informal labs, homework, notebook & book checks & in-class assignments) and major grades (unit tests, “6-pack” quizzes & formal lab reports; alternate accountability on “6-pack” quizzes: 3 out of 6 count for CP vs. 4 out of 6 for honors).  Although each assignment will have a corresponding point value, each category, daily grades and major grades, will be averaged separately, and each will then count as 50% the value of the quarter grade.  Each quarter’s grade will count as 45% the value of the course grade, with the final exam grade making up the remaining 10% of the course grade.  Extra credit assignments are NOT available however, test corrections are encouraged.  If a student wishes to make test corrections, he or she may come back to class at a scheduled time during lunch within three days of the original test to make corrections, even if the student’s lunch is not the same as Mr. Bachman’s lunch—please note on Wed  I have duty on the hill during 1st lunch.  The mistakes that have been corrected accurately will be awarded half credit. PAI quiz corrections should be submitted on Mondays.


    Students are issued a grade record sheet on which they maintain an accurate record of all grades earned.  The up-to-date grade record, kept as the very first page in the student’s binder, should also serve as an ongoing progress report for parents to check at any time.  The grade record should be cross-referenced against what is posted on the accessible website and any discrepancies should be brought to my attention as soon as possible.  Please keep in mind that the website updates grades only after I have entered new ones. Students are responsible for all work, assignments and notes missed due to absences.  It is expected that students returning from an absence will consult a classmate about the missed work or see me at an appropriate time to obtain missing work.  Generally, students will be allowed to complete missed tests and assignments within 5 school days.


    CLASS RULES: Be where you are supposed to be, when you are supposed to be there, doing what you are supposed to be doing.