•  Supplies Needed Daily (All Classes)

    Chromebook or Laptop

    Textbook (a link to the electronic text can be found on your Google Classroom stream under the "Classwork" tab).

    1” 3 – ring binder with dividers                                                  

    Notebook paper


    Colored pencils

    Scientific calculator (a graphing calculator is not needed).

    A USB flash drive is strongly recommended

    All assignments are graded for accuracy and will be returned graded within one week, with the exception of major projects.  Please be aware that, due to the nature of lab activities, open-toed shoes may not be worn during lab exercises.  Labs are held about once a week and students will be given 2 days notice. This is for the safety of everyone involved.

    Grading Policy:

    1. Classwork: (CP: 40%, Honors 30%) - includes quizzes, data for lab exercises, in-class assignments, and electronic assignments on Google Classroom.
    2. Tests/Projects/Lab Analyses: (CP 40%, Honors 50%) - administered roughly once a week.  At least one project will be assigned per quarter.
    3. Homework (CP 20%, Honors 20%) - includes bellwork, vocabulary, practice problems, review, prelab assignments, and electronic assignments on Google Classroom.

     A final exam will be administered that will count as 10% of each student’s overall grade.