What is an IGP?

  • Individual Graduation Plans (IGPs) are designed to guide students toward their education, career, and employment goals. During IGP meetings, school counselors discuss general graduation requirements, coursework, and opportunities related to future goals. IGPs also help students align their high school courses with college entrance requirements. These plans are flexible and can change based on the student's aspirations, abilities, and interests. They are reviewed annually and updated as a student's interests or career goals change.


    Beginning in 8th grade, students develop an IGP that includes general graduation requirements and course-work, including extended and work-based learning opportunities related to their chosen career cluster. A career cluster is a field of study chosen from 16 national career clusters such as business, management and administration that you plan to focus on in high school and beyond. By the end of 10th grade, students choose a career major aligned with a career cluster.

    Extended and work-based learning opportunities may include:

    • Student Organizations
    • Job Shadowing
    • Internships
    • Curriculum-based Field Trips
    • Service-learning
    • Apprenticeship

    An IGP may be part of a students career portfolio, a file or folder that may also contain career interest assessment results, schoolwork examples, standardized test scores and record of work-based learning experiences.


    DOCUMENT: 2020-2021 Regional College and Career Guide (PDF)

7 Steps to Success in Planning

  • Complete career assessments
  • Research career opportunities
  • Explore education options
  • Talk about your options with your parents and counselor
  • Make your choices and document your decisions
  • Review & revise your IGP each year
  • Graduate and move on to additional education or employment