Family Engagement Policy

  • St. Stephen Middle School and the parents/guardians of our students, in a joint venture, have developed this compact and agree that it outlines how the parents/guardians, the entire school staff, and the students will share the responsibilities for improving student academic achievement and the means by which the school and parents/guardians will build and develop a partnership that will help children achieve the state’s high standards. 


    As a Parent/Guardian, I will: 

    • Provide a quiet time and place for homework. 
    • Read to my child or encourage my child to read every day. 
    • Ensure that homework is completed and provide assistance when needed. 
    • Regularly monitor my child’s progress in school. 
    • Ensure that my child attends school every day in the traditional or blended classroom setting. 
    • Participate in school activities such as Title I planning team, SIC, and/or family engagement events. 
    • Attend parent-teacher conferences by phone or via computer. 
    • Communicate the importance of education and learning to my child. 
    • Provide positive extracurricular activities.
    • Stay informed about my child’s education by reading notices from the school or the school district and responding. 
    • Respect the school, staff, students and families. 
    • Model good digital citizenship. 


    As a Student, I will:

    • Come to school every day ready to learn and work hard (traditional and blended classroom setting).
    • Bring necessary materials, Chromebook, completed assignments and homework.
    • Follow school rules, class rules and RAMS expectations.
    • Communicate regularly with my parent/guardian and teachers so that they can help me to be successful in school.
    • Read with my parents/guardian or on my own daily.
    • Invite my family to attend school activities via Google Meets.
    • Respect the school, classmates, staff and families.
    • Be a responsible digital citizen. 


    As a Teacher, I will: 


    • Teach classes through interesting and challenging lessons that promote student achievement by using technology for blended learning and incorporating technology for the traditional classroom.
    • Have high expectations and help every child to develop a love of learning.
    • Provide frequent reports to families about student progress, and if necessary, in a language that family members can understand through the use of technology.
    • Provide a warm, safe, and caring learning environment in the blended and traditional classroom setting.
    • Provide meaningful homework assignments to reinforce and extend learning.
    • Participate in professional development opportunities that improve teaching and learning.
    • Participate in activities that support partnerships with families and the community.
    • Actively participate in collaborative decision-making with families using the Home-School compact as it relates to a child’s achievement.
    • Respect the school, students, staff and families.


    As a School, we will: 

    • Provide high-quality curriculum and instruction in a supportive and effective manner. 
    • Allow parents/guardians reasonable access to staff and access to materials in a language family members can understand.