About school-based telehealth

  • Image of telehealth machine School-based telehealth provides access to high-quality healthcare in the school setting. A nurse practitioner or a physician examines the student with the assistance of the school nurse. Medicaid covers visits. Private insurance coverage varies and copays/deductibles apply.

    To benefit from the program, students must be enrolled. You can enroll your student by completing the consent/enrollment forms linked below.

    If you have questions about the program, please contact our school nurse at CooperC@bcsdschools.net.

    Consent Forms

    Consent Form Icon
    English Consent Form
      |  Spanish Consent Form


     Program Goals

    • Decreased absenteeism/increased seat time
    • Reduced missed work time for parents
    • Reduced transportation barriers
    • Reduced unnecessary ER visits

Schedule an Appointment

  • To schedule an appointment, please contact Nurse Cooper by phone at (843) 567-2813 or by email at CooperC@bcsdschools.net.