FBE Bus Routes

  • PLEASE NOTE: We ask that school bus service be reserved for those families who truly have no other option for transporting their children to school. In addition, arrival times for buses are approximate and should be used as a guide only. Delays will often occur as a result of situations outside of the driver or school district's control. For bus delay information, please visit www.bcsdschools.net/busdelays.

    If you have questions or concerns about a route, please contact the regional bus office.

    PH: 843-899-8804; 843-899-8531
    Dana Cash, Special Needs Transportation Supervisor - cashd@bcsdschools.net

  • Student bus route information can be accessed in the PowerSchool Parent Portal (click the button below). If you are experiencing sign in issues, please contact the school for assistance. For security reasons, PowerSchool is unable to assist with sign in, password, or other accessibility-related issues.

     PowerSchool Login Button

    Instructions for obtaining bus route information

    Step 1: Log in to PowerSchool.

    Step 2: Look for the menu on the left of the page and click the "Transportation Information" link (shown below).
    Transportation Information Icon


    Details: Now, you should have access to your child's transportation information, including but not limited to bus stop locations, pick-up times and bus numbers.


    About bus numbers

    In the PowerSchool Parent Portal, bus numbers will show up as 10-digits in length. Please note, the first three digits of the number are the actual number of your child's bus.

    Example: 261-980-4316. In this case, the child's bus number for common reference is 261


    If your bus route information is not in the PowerSchool Parent Portal

    Please contact your regional bus office. Regional bus offices will have a record of your child's transportation information available.