NOTE: These plans are subject to change. Any updates will be marked and dated.


    • All staff will participate in the required training. The Social Emotional/Triage team will undergo district required training and meet throughout the school year.  
    • Teachers will conduct daily check in with students in the morning. Teacher will also conduct morning meetings that incorporate social emotional lessons and strategies for students. Teachers will provide support to the students and refer them to guidance if needed. 
    • All students will be administered the SEL Pre-Test screener in a classroom setting within the first six weeks after reopening.



    • The screener results will determine the level of intervention.
    • If there are no presenting concerns, then the student will be scheduled to retake the Post-Test screener at the end of the school year.
    • If there are presenting concerns, students will be referred to the Triage Team who will review and assess the case using the screener results and teacher input. In all cases of intervention recommendations, a member of the Triage Team will contact the parent, notify them of the screener results and provide a summer of intervention recommendations.



    • All staff will also participate in an anonymous screener.
    • If there are presenting concerns, staff will be referred to the Triage Team who will review and assess the case using the screener results and supervisor input.  In all cases of intervention, the staff member will be present and will work with their administrator in identifying the most appropriate type of support options.
    • The Triage Team may offer the following supports to staff in need:
    • Provide Prevention and Positive Mental Health Resources
    • Individual Meetings or check-ins with Administrator/Supervisor 
    • Referral to Employee Assistance Program
    • All staff screener results will be kept confidential and maintained by school administration.  Human Resources may also receive a copy of staff screeners for record keeping.