NOTE: These plans are subject to change. Any updates will be marked and dated.


    • Teachers will continue to communicate with their parents using a virtual platform. (ex. Weekly newsletters, daily communication via email, Class Dojo, Class Tag, Google Classroom, etc..)
    • The school will continue to use Blackboard Connect, Facebook, and the WVP School webpage to communicate district approved correspondence. The Administration will follow the guidance, policies and protocols as outlined by Berkeley County School District.


    • Our school counseling program includes classroom guidance instruction every other week for classes Kindergarten through Second grade. The curriculum emphasizes choice making, self-understanding, career exploration and preparation, and the improvement of study skills.
    • Teachers will refer students to the guidance counselor for individual or responsive support as needed.
    • Students and parents may also request to see the guidance counselor.
    • Character Education is supported through our Guidance Department. Students are recognized for demonstrating the character trait of the month.  The recognition takes place weekly.  (“Caught by the SNOOP”)  Students may be recommended by peers or staff.