NOTE: These plans are subject to change. Any updates will be marked and dated.


    • Homerooms
      • Upon entering the room, students will wash/disinfect their hands.
      • Students will remain in the same class unless attending a special service class.
      • Students will be sitting facing the same direction and spaced apart within the classroom. Hand washing/disinfecting procedures will be incorporated throughout the day.  Related Arts will take place in the classrooms at the designated times as outlined in the Related Arts schedule.
      • Classrooms will have reduced furniture to provide space for social distancing.
      • Learning centers will be located around the perimeter of the classroom, if practical, to allow for a maximum of 2 children per center.
      • Classroom materials and learning center materials will be cleaned and disinfected between uses.
      • Head Start and CERDEP will send personal items, such as nap blankets, home each day to be washed.
      • If practical, Head Start and CERDEP will space sleeping mats 6 feet apart, with heads in opposite directions.
      • Each student will have their own bag/bin of supplies to include, but not limited to pencils, crayons, markers, and manipulatives.
      • Conferences and meetings will be held virtually. (telephone, Google Meet)
    • Physical Education will follow the guidelines as outlined in the district plan.
      • Students will wash/disinfect their hands before/after class.
      • If equipment is necessary, items will be cleaned before and after class.
      • Movement activities will be performed while maintaining social distance.
      • The PE area will be marked with visuals and signage.
      • Outdoor activities will be incorporated, weather permitting.