NOTE: These plans are subject to change. Any updates will be marked and dated.


    • Car Arrival
      • Parents will use the front car rider loop to drop off students. Morning duty staff will take the students’ temperature before exiting the car.  If a student has a temperature of 99, they will be asked to park in the parking lot and the nurse will retake their temperature. The nurse will follow the safety protocols as outlined.  Staff will be located in the lobby to direct and assist students to the classroom.  Teachers will be at their doors to greet students.  No parents will be allowed to enter the building during drop off.
      • Head Start will continue to enter at the end of F Hall. Family Service Associates will facilitate the parent sign in process and assist with escorting students to the classroom.  Teachers will be at the door and teacher assistants will be in the classroom. 
      • Temperature checks will be conducted daily.
    • Bus Arrival
      • Morning duty staff will take the students’ temperatures before exiting the bus.  If a student has a temperature of 99, the nurse will retake the temperature. If the student has a confirmed fever, the nurse will follow the health protocols.
      • Students will enter the building while maintaining social distancing. School staff will facilitate the unloading of the buses.
      • Breakfast can be picked up in the cafeteria. Students will eat breakfast in the classroom.
    • Late Arrival
      • Students will enter the front office area with an adult upon arrival. The student will be checked in by the front office staff.  The student will be escorted to class by a staff member. 


    • Car Dismissal
      • Students will be seated and wait in the assigned areas. All students will be seated facing the same direction and spaced apart.  Staff will actively supervise.  Mask are encouraged in the common areas.  All areas listed have been marked for social distancing.
        • CERDEP waiting area - Front Lobby
        • Kindergarten waiting area - D Hall
        • First grade waiting area - E Hall
        • Second grade waiting area - F Hall
      • Bus Dismissal
        • When all buses arrive, grade levels will be called to dismiss. They will wait in the classrooms until they are called.  Social distancing will be followed and staff will facilitate bus loading.  Mask are required when on the bus. 
        • The transportation office will follow the disinfecting protocols as outlined in the district plan.
      • Walkers
        • Walkers will be dismissed after the car rider loop has been cleared. Parents will need to walk to the front entrance with their car tag number.  The students will wait with the car riders and be seated in designated areas that have been marked for social distancing.