Health, Safety & Cleaning Protocols/Procedures

  • Cleaning Checklists

    • Custodial staff will periodically be trained on proper cleaning and sanitizing of the school building. All school staff will be given training on using PPE and sanitizing at the beginning of the school year.
    • The administrator and custodial staff will implement a cleaning checklist to document the areas, surfaces, and objects which are cleaned and disinfected.
    • Custodial staff will submit checklists to principal or his designee at the end of each day. Checklist will be utilized for areas cleaned during the school day.
    • Custodial Staff will disinfect all main entrances (doors, door handles/knobs, panels) three times per day.
    • Classroom supplies and materials that must be shared will be sanitized/disinfected throughout the day. Teachers will be provided wipes, sanitizing supplies and materials.
    • Classroom desks/tables will be cleaned after students vacate the classroom at the end of the day. Teachers will be asked to not touch any student furniture after it has been cleaned after school.
    • Teachers will create a daily handwashing schedule (i.e. before/after lunch, after recess). School will ensure that appropriate signage is posted to remind all students about handwashing.
    • The custodial staff will sanitize and clean classrooms as safely appropriate during the school day when teacher and students have vacated the classroom.
    • Staff and student restrooms will be sanitized and disinfected multiple times during the day according to a schedule and when needed.
    • Students will begin the school year eating breakfast and lunch within the classroom. Occupancy of the cafeteria will be considered after students have had an opportunity to learn and practice the art of social distancing within the school building.  This would also limit the number of areas that will need to be cleaned throughout the day.
    • Restrooms breaks will be scheduled for students throughout the day. Teacher/staff member will monitor all restroom breaks. Students will not be allowed to use restrooms in hallways without adult supervision. Restrooms within the class will only be used for student emergency.  Administration, teachers, and custodians will develop a schedule to ensure that restrooms are regularly cleaned and sanitized after students’ use.  All restrooms within classrooms will be sanitized and disinfected at least two times during school hours or as necessary.
    • The health room will be cleaned and sanitized multiple times during the day in addition to situations where immediate attention is needed.

    Posters and Signs

    • Posters and signage will be posted throughout the school to remind staff and students about health and safety procedures. Signage such as hand washing, social distancing, and wearing of face covering will be posted in specific areas.

    Student Materials/Supplies

    • Students will use personal school materials/supplies. There will be no sharing of school supplies among students.  This includes electronic devices for instruction and learning.  Parents will be asked to provide a container for their child maintain their personal school supplies.   Teachers will keep extra supplies such as pencils and crayons. 
    • All students’ personal items will be maintained and kept at their assigned desk or personal area.
    • All students will be encouraged to bring a water bottle as water fountains will not be used. The school will provide some bottled water for situations where the drinking of water is necessary or required.

    Health Care

    • Teachers will need to call the nurse’s office or the front office (if they are unable to reach the nurse) before a student is sent to the health room (nurse’s station). Students must have a pass.  Students in grades 4K through Grade 2 will need to be accompanied by a staff member.
    • School administration will contact Mr. Deon Jackson, Senior Associate Superintendent, when there is a confirmed report of Covid-19 relative to a staff member or student.

    Student Waiting Area (Regular)

    • The school will designate a specific location or area close to the nurse’s office for healthy students to wait. These are students who may take regular prescribed medication or daily health checks (i.e. sugar level).

    Student Waiting Area (Isolated)

    • The school will designate a room to isolate staff and students who may present symptoms of Covid -19. A trained unlicensed staff member will assist nurse with monitoring staff and student until picked up from the school.

    Face Coverings Protocol

    Berkeley County School District (the “District”) is mindful of the evolving need for safety measures to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic.  As part of reopening schools, the District is implementing various safety measures including the use of face coverings.  The District encourages the use of face coverings at all times practical when social distancing cannot be achieved and provides the following protocol related to the same.

    Face coverings are encouraged to be worn by all persons when entering and exiting school buildings, while in the hallways and common areas, while on school buses, and while in close proximity to others.  The District recognizes that wearing face coverings will not be practical at all times.  Thus, students and staff may remove or lower their face coverings in the classroom and while social distancing can be achieved.  Further, while the District is strongly encouraging face coverings, the following shall be exempt from this protocol:

    • Any person who is unable to safely wear a face covering due to age, an underlying health condition, or is unable to remove the face covering without the assistance of others;
    • While a person is in their private individual office; and
    • While actively eating or drinking.

    Conspicuous signage shall be posted at all entrances informing students, staff, and visitors of the expectations set forth in this protocol.