Classrooms, Hallways and Common Areas

  • Physical Classroom

    • Student seating/desks will be arranged to face the same direction. There will be a six feet distance between student desks. 

    Movement in Halls

    • School staff and students will walk on right side of hallways at all time. Signage will be posted to remind everyone of 6 feet social distancing and walking on right side of hall.


    • Students will attend specialized classes such as Read 180 and resource. Teachers will pick up students for intervention. Furniture will be cleaned and sanitized between classes.
    • Students will attend all itinerant and special education classes (resource). Service provider and teacher will pick student up from their classroom and escort them back.  Adult should ensure social distancing when escorting multiple students.


    Special Areas

    • Physical Education special area will still occur in multipurpose room as students will be able spread out. PE lessons and activities will be implemented that do not require touching of materials and equipment.
    • Special area teachers will go to the classrooms to minimize the risk of infection as well as reduce the amount of area/space that requires frequent cleaning and sanitizing.
    • Students will still be able check out books from the media center during a scheduled time. The media specialist will collect returned books and place them on a cart for 72 hours before returning them back to the shelves for circulation.
    • Administration will regularly check/monitor classrooms to ensure social distancing is maintained among students. If necessary, the rearrangement of any classroom relative to spacing may occur. All classrooms will follow the 6 feet distancing.  Custodial staff will utilize a measuring tape to assist teachers with arrangement of classroom.


    • Students will have recess daily. Teachers will implement organized activities where social distancing and spacing is maximized.  Students will have access to playground equipment.  These objects should be cleaned after use and students should wash hands after play/recess.


    • Students will begin the school year eating breakfast and lunch within the classroom. Occupancy of the cafeteria will be considered after students have had an opportunity to learn and practice the art of social distancing within the school building.  This would also limit the number of areas that will need to be cleaned throughout the day.