Visitors & Substitutes

  • Visitors

    • In situations where the physical presence of parents and visitors is required in the building, they will complete a Covid-19 Screener, have their temperature checked, and use hand sanitizer. This procedure will also apply to outside providers or agencies such as Department of Social Services and law enforcement officials.
    • All deliveries by regular postal mail, UPS, and FEDX will be in the commons area immediately beyond the main entrance. Office staff and custodians will process delivery of packages.  Large orders will be received at custodial receiving room.  Delivery drivers will be required to put on mask before entering the building.


    • The school will implement the guidelines for securing a substitute when teachers are absent. The teacher will be expected to request a sub as soon as their plans for absence is known. 
    • Administration will first absorb the service of the permanent substitute assigned to the school.
    • As a final option, administration will use qualified paraprofessionals and certified staff to cover classrooms as needed.