• NOTE: These plans are subject to change. Any updates will be marked and dated.

    Transitions, Gatekeepers, Switching learning pathways


    • For the safety of all staff and students, teachers will wear face masks or coverings while traveling through the school building. Students will be encouraged to do the same.
    • Hallways will be marked with arrows and floor markings to assist with social distancing and traffic flow.
    • Schedules will be staggered by grade level to minimize the number of students in the hallways.
    • Teachers will monitor and supervise students, ensuring social distancing and hand sanitization.
    • Students will enter classrooms when directed by teachers to do so.
    • Students will sanitize hands prior to entering classrooms.


    • Before and after school programs will operate when school is open to students.
    • Programs are only open to students participating in the traditional learning model.
    • The number of applicants accepted in the program will depend on the number of staff secured to operate the
    • The program will adhere to the school and district safety operations and protocol.

    Transitioning Between Pathways

    • Parents may request to transition among instructional delivery models (i.e., traditional to blended distance).
    • Each parent request will be handled on a case-by-case basis at the school level.
    • Once the parent makes a written request, the principal or his/her designee will approve the request based upon availability of teacher allocations in the requested instructional delivery model.
    • Allocations are pre-determined; therefore, student-teacher assignments and transitioning requests must be approved on a case-by-case basis.
    • Any change to traditional learning will require the completion of a COVID-19 waiver (contact school).
    • The school will notify the parent of the transition decision within five calendar days.
    • Transitions that are approved will be made at the end of the quarter.
    • Parents must complete the Transitioning Pathways Form (contact school) to shift from one pathway to another.