• NOTE: These plans are subject to change. Any updates will be marked and dated.

    Physical Education

    • Students will wash/disinfect hands before and after physical education class.
    • Due to the nature of Physical Education classes, periodic hand sanitizing and cleaning of equipment will be necessary.
    • The sharing of equipment is not permitted.
    • If non-shareable equipment is necessary for class, it will be cleaned before and after class.
    • Students will maintain appropriate social distancing.

    Recess Procedures

    • Students will receive recess daily.
    • Recess locations include the interior courtyard, the front field, and the side field.
    • To assist with social distancing, the front field will be divided into two smaller fields.
    • Recess equipment will be allowed, but sharing of equipment will not be permitted.
    • Students will have access to playground equipment/structures in alignment with new DHEC guidelines. Social distancing will be practiced and encouraged. Structures will be disinfected several times each day.
    • Games that involve physical contact will not be allowed.
    • Students will be directed to maintain social distance from other students.